Does motor home insurance cover natural disasters?

The only thing more devastating than having your RV destroyed by a fire or flood is to not know if your motorhome insurance covers the incident. Some RV owners in New Rochelle, NY believe motorhome indemnity policies are like home insurance plans. Thus, they assume that natural disasters are not covered under a standard policy. The agents at Marenco Insurance can explain what your motorhome insurance covers so that there is no guessing when tragedy strikes. 

Does motorhome insurance cover natural disasters?

A liability indemnity plan for RVs may not pay for natural disasters such as floods and fires. Your liability policy primarily covers instances where you caused an accident on the road. Natural disasters are not caused by you or any other person. Thus, a liability-only plan may not help when a fire or flood damages or destroys your motorhome. 

Full coverage includes comprehensive damages such as those caused by natural disasters. You can, therefore, file a claim up to your policy’s limit to compensate for fire, flood, and wind damages to your motorhome. 

How much motorhome insurance do you need?

The amount of RV insurance that you need depends on a number of factors not limited to:

  • Net Worth – Those with more assets may choose to pay more for RV insurance. 

  • The type of motorhome you want to insure – You may not want to purchase the cheapest policy for a brand-new Class A RV. On the other hand, you may decide to select a liability plan if your motorhome is older. 

  • What you plan to do with your motorhome – Those who take their RVs out of storage every summer may choose the minimum amount of coverage needed to take the vehicle on the road. On the other hand, RV owners who live in their motorhomes may want to buy a policy that covers everything. 

The agents at Marenco Insurance can explain what motorhome insurance covers. Call them today to cover your RV in New Rochelle, NY!