Common Exclusions for Renters Insurance

Your renter’s insurance may offer far more coverage than you realize. For instance, renters insurance in New Rochelle, NY may pay for you to rent another apartment after a disaster renders your current dwelling unlivable and can even help you to recover lost funds following instances of identity theft. But, there are also plenty of cases in which you will not be covered. For example:

  • Flooding. Flooding is typically handled strictly through flood insurance providers, not commercial, home, or renters insurance providers. This means that your landlord’s insurance may help you to recover your damages, but your insurance will not.
  • Late filing. If you file your claim after the deadline, expect it to be denied. You generally have anywhere from a few weeks to a month to file the paperwork, but it’s different from insurer to insurer.
  • You simply don’t have the protection you thought you had. Renters insurance does not, for instance, automatically cover everything you own. If you haven’t bought adequate coverage to protect your belongings, and if you don’t keep a regular, updated inventory, your insurer won’t be able to help you.
  • You’re filing a claim on something that’s the landlord’s responsibility. The building is your landlord’s responsibility. You don’t need to file a claim for broken windows or a fridge that came with the apartment.

You’re going to want to read your policy over and call your insurer with any questions you have to make sure that you know when you’re covered, and what your insurer expects of you.

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