What is included with a full auto insurance policy?

For people that are in the New Rochelle, NY area, owning a car is a necessity. Without one, it would be hard to get around town and get to and from work. When you are looking for a new car, you should also carefully consider your insurance needs. An auto insurance policy will give you several forms of coverage that can keep you and your vehicle protected.

Liability Protection

One type of coverage that you will get when you get auto coverage is liability protection. A liability policy will ensure that you have coverage if you cause an accident that leads to damages. This is extremely beneficial and is also required by law. If you do cause an accident, it could save you a considerable amount of money and help you to avoid legal penalization.

Covers Vehicle

While you are only required by law to get liability insurance, there are many situations when getting a full collision and comprehensive policy is a good idea. With this additional coverage, you will be able to repair and replace your vehicle following an incident of theft or an accident. Those that have taken out a loan to buy a car will be required by their lender to carry a full policy with a reasonable deductible. 

Many forms of protection and coverage will come when you get a full auto insurance policy. When you are looking for one of these policies in the New Rochelle, NY area, you should speak with Marenco Insurance. The team at Marenco Insurance understands how important it is to have proper insurance for your vehicle. They can then help you to choose a policy that will offer you the appropriate level of coverage and protection.