Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

If you own a vehicle, a home, a business, or something else you have obtained insurance on, you need to ensure that your policy covers everything you need. An umbrella insurance policy will provide you with extra protection, much like an umbrella protects you from the rain. The agents at Marenco Insurance in New Rochelle, NY understand the importance of umbrella insurance and the extra coverage.

Umbrella insurance is a personal liability insurance policy that you can obtain on top of your regular insurance policies. It will cover not only the person who obtains the policy, known as the policyholder but also other family members or even their entire house. It will not provide extra protection for your own property. Still, it will offer extra coverage for injuries or property damages sustained by others if an incident happens that is your fault. For instance, if your dog bites someone who is visiting your home, your homeowner’s policy will cover up to a certain amount of their injuries, but if they exceed the amount allotted, or the person files a lawsuit against you, your umbrella insurance will cover the excess amount.

The good thing about umbrella insurance is that it is pretty inexpensive. It also provides you with the extra peace of mind you need and deserve. In a world where people file lawsuits at the drop of a hat, an umbrella insurance policy makes sense to obtain.

You will need an insurance agent who is experienced with umbrella insurance. The trusted agents at Marenco Insurance in New Rochelle, NY have the experience needed to create a tailored policy to your needs. Call for an appointment or quote today!